May 29, 2021

Get to know your Office

Get to know your Office!

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Microsoft Office 365 & Office Perpetual Products

Here is our Quick Office Pricelist

Office 365 Personal – $12,500

Office 365 Family (share with 6 people) – $15,500

Office 365 Business Standard – $28,000

Office Home & Student 2019 – $18,500

Office Home & Business 2019 – $39,500

Please take a moment to read the information below so that you can choose the right Office for you.

What is Office 365?

Office 365 is a subscription based version of the Microsoft Office Suite you’ve come to know and love.

This means, you pay once per year to have the software for use for 1 year or 365 days.

What are the different types of Office 365?

There is Office 365 for Home & for Business

Under Home there is;

Office 365 Personal (Single User)

This is for a single individual to use with one email address on up to 5 devices. This means, you can sign in on your laptop, desktop, smartphone, tablet etc.

Cost: $12,500 (per year)

The following Apps are included;


Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher (PC only), Microsoft Access (PC only), Microsoft OneDrive

Office 365 Family ( Group )

Now here is the greatness behind this package. This subscription allows up to six (6) individuals or families, to use a single subscription on 5 different devices each.

Let me break this down. This means, Kevin can purchase this one annual subscription for his family and he can share it with cousins Mary, Suzan, John, Edgar and Ricardo.

All of these cousins may live in separate homes and they can now each sign in to 5 different devices in their homes!

Cost: $15,500 per year.

So each person or family, could simply contribute $2,416 to the pool, in order to have office on 5 devices for 1 year. Isn’t that just dirt cheap?

Under Business there is;

Office 365 Business Standard ( Single user)

The same setup applies as Home edition single user in terms of the fact that you can install on up to 5 devices at once. This is ideal for small businesses with limited devices in their offices.

The following apps are included;

Business Standard

Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Word, Microsoft OneDrive for Business, Microsoft Publisher (PC only), Microsoft Access (PC only), Microsoft Exchange Online, Microsoft Outlook Customer Manager, Microsoft Bookings, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft SharePoint Online

Cost: $28,000 (per year)

Office Perpetual License

This type of Office setup is known as the lifetime suite of office. This means, you pay for the software once and you own it for life. There are no annual recurring subscriptions with this package.

This comes as;

Office Home & Student 2019

It contains only the Apps;




You’ll be able to get free security updates for life but you won’t get feature updates. Let’s say when Office 2023 is released, you won’t get those new features unless you choose to buy that version and upgrade.

Cost: $18,500 (one time payment)

Office Home & Business 2019

It contains only the Apps;





Cost: $39,500 (one time payment)

If you’re operating a business, it is important to choose the business packages of Office. These will include increased security of your valued customer data and you’ll be able to access support from Microsoft as a business if you’re having issues with the software.

We truly hope this helps you to get to know your Office better. If you have any questions or need to access other Microsoft packages like;

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Office Visio

Microsoft Office Professional

Microsoft Project

They are all available, see us first.

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