Even Christ was rejected and so will you.

Not everyone will accept you, your business or your offers as you try to grow your in this new and social economy without filters.

It’s important to highlight some keywords that were mentioned in the statement above. They are, “your business”. Rejection often takes a negative toll on the individual who received it but I’m here to remind you that you must learn to separate that rejection from yourself and your business.

You must be mindful that as an individual, you are separate from your business-your company. This is important because rejection can destroy your personal motivation and drive to further create and evolve in your business. This can lead to the eventual downturn of your business success.

According to Guy Winch Ph.D.,

“We know that rejection really hurts, but they can also inflict damage to our psychological well-being that goes well beyond mere emotional pain.”

It’s not you, it’s the business

When someone rejects your offer or blocks your business info, unfollows or spams your email, don’t take it personally. Never take this as an attack on you as a person. You may be a great mom, dad, brother, sister or friend and that’s you. You must embrace who you are and continue to try.

I remeber when I first started Hi5 Jamaica Services back in 2006, the thought of a user complaining about receiving my emails or text messages, would give me sleepless nights. My heart would break at the memory but I soon grew, grew past those feelings and now I’m a better entrepreneur for it.

The Gifts of Rejection

Ironic? Maybe. But rejection has some core elements that can help you to become better at what you do. If you can find out why your offer is rejected, you’d possibly be able to unearth information so crucial, it could change the way you operate that could lead to boundless success.

Take the time to find out, why?

This is where it becomes important to be graceful because this is where you’ll ask with humility, “How can I improve or how I can I be of better service to you?

The answers may shock you but learn from them, there is always something to learn.

Greatness comes from Trials

Maybe rejections will be your challenge but whatever they will be, evolving from them will make you great. Christ himself was rejected and crucified but turned around to be the greatest man who ever lived, the savior of the world. 

If you can only relate to mortal beings, pick one, pick anyone and do your research and you’ll find that they too were rejected.

Leighton Brown

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