Hi5 Jamaica Customer Rewards Program

Join us as we celebrate with all our valued customers who show their support for our products and services in every way. We say thanks from Hi5 Jamaica Services!

We are introducing our new Customer Rewards Program where we further celebrate all customers who go out of their way to bring in new customers to our business.

As such, for all current customers (anyone who has made at least 1 purchase) from any portfolio, be it Beauty, Computers or Mobiles, we are giving away a Free Samsung Galaxy Galaxy J1 Ace if you refer (3) persons who successfully make a purchase from us.

Galaxy J1 Ace Features – http://www.gsmarena.com/samsung_galaxy_j1_ace-7673.php

Let me break that down, if you’ve made a purchase from us and you tell (3) other persons to purchase from us and they do, then you’re entitled to a Free Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace Smartphone!

But let’s say you don’t like the phone, no problem, you could still share it as a gift to someone else or you could trade it for a discount on another phone you would like to purchase!

But you must act fast before the Free Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace offer Expires! It’s available while supplies last!

*conditions apply*

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It’s that simple, to sign up, please fill out the simple form below and you’re in!


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Hi5 Jamaica Services, giving our customers more. 

For more details about this program,  feel free to contact us.

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